10 Січня, 2022



Філіп К. Дік «Людина в Високому замку» (вид-во «Комубук», 2017,  2020). На Заході Україну сприймають виключно як «чашу, сповнену пшеницею»
And those great glossy magazines printed in Munich and circulated around to all the libraries and newsstands… one could see the full-page color pictures for oneself: the blue-eyed, blond-haired Aryan settlers who now industriously tilled, culled, plowed, and so forth in the vast grain bowl of the world, the Ukraine.  
Вільям Гібсон «Спалення Хром» (Burning Chrome), українською не видавалось. За версією Гібсона під Києвом (#KyivNotKiev) може зустрітись російська дупа з лазером.
“Hang-gliding over a wheatfield,” said Bobby, “place called Kiev. Our Jack’s just hanging there in the dark, under a Nightwing parafoil, with fifty kilos of radar jammed between his legs, and some Russian asshole accidentally burns his arm off with a laser.” I don’t remember how I changed the subject, but I did.  
Ніл Стівенсон «Криптономікон», українською не видавалось. #видайтеукраїнською
Українці в якості «тяглової сили» для радіопередавачів: “I should have… thought you knew where all the… German… transmitters were.” “We do, except for the ones that move.” “Move!?” The duke furrows his brow tremendously, imagining a giant radio transmitter-building, tower and all—mounted on four parallel rail road tracks like Big Bertha, creeping across a steppe, drawn by harnessed Ukrainians. “Think U-boats,” Waterhouse says delicately.   Після битви під Сталінградом німецькі документи на українську землю дуже подешевшали: “Since Stalingrad, it has not gone well on the Eastern Front. Let us say that Ukrainian real estate is no longer worth what it used to be, if the deed to the land happens to be written in German and issued in Berlin.” Отже, і документи, котрі виписані в Москві на землі українського Криму і Донбасу, вельми подешевшають. До нуля.  
Ніл Стівенсон «Ртуть» (QuickSilver), українською не видавалось. Повстання Разіна придушувалось в Україні, як виявилось.
King Carlos II of Spain was both feeble and sick, and not expected to live out the year. Comenius was dying, too. Anne Hyde, the Duke of York’s wife, was very ill with what everyone assumed to be syphilis. John Locke was writing a constitution for Carolina, Stenka Razin’s Cossack rebellion was being crushed in the Ukraine, the Grand Turk was taking Crete away from Venice with his left hand and declaring war on Poland with his right. In London, the fall of pepper prices was sending many City merchants into bankruptcy-while a short distance across the Narrow Seas, the V.O.C.-the Dutch East India Company-was paying out a dividend of 40 percent.  
Ніл Стівенсон «Снігопад» (Snow Crash), готується до друку видавництвом Жупанського, вихід заплановано на березень 2022 року.
Виявляється, залізобетонні джунглі півдня Каліфорнії нагадують Київ: After Vitaly Chernobyl and the Meltdowns arrived in Long Beach on one of those hijacked ex-Soviet refugee freighters, they fanned out across southern California looking for expanses of reinforced concrete that were as vast and barren as the ones they had left behind in Kiev. They weren’t homesick. They needed such environments in order to practice their art. The L.A. River was a natural site. And there were plenty of nice overpasses. All they had to do was follow skateboarders to the secret places they had long since discovered. Thrashers and nuclear fuzz-grunge collectives thrive in the same environment. That’s where Vitaly and Hiro are going right now.